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Learning to grow in an interconnected world

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About Rhizome

The name Rhizome derives from the interconnectedness that is evident in nature and human relationships. There is interconnectedness within and outside. We are a gigantic mass of energetic interconnections. In Nature, a rhizome is a set of interconnected roots. Each node is complete in itself, branching out and connecting with other nodes, whole in themselves. The rhizomatic structure is conscious, alive, and breathing.



Connect with yourself 

"The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires you to suspend your ego and live in another's world."

Bill Bullard


Leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching

Every leader needs a personal coach who is skilled, experienced, and able to create a sense of psychological freedom to explore various issues. The road of leadership is complex, lonely, and riddled with dilemmas. Rhizome Learning provides the personal attention that executives need to sort through their problems.  They work with principles of GROW, Narrative Therapy, and Applied Neuroscience in their engagements. 

Story of Me

A unique public workshop, facilitated expertly, to help participants identify their authentic selves and recraft their life’s narratives. It has worked with many women in their journeys to find themselves. Find out more.


How does one make one’s team unstoppable? By helping them unleash their inner strengths.  This needs all members to be self-aware as well as inspired and motivated to collaborate and aligned to organisational goals. We work with the leader in helping them unleash their team's superpower.


“Nandini has been a great companion in my journey as a founder. She has been associated with me since the beginning. Her strength lies in her need to explore all possibilities of any idea. This openness inspires me to dig deeper and eventually come out of my comfort zone.  She has the blend of patience and compassion together with the intelligence to understand what is left unspoken.”

Sujata Mukherjee, Founder Ashwini Charitable Trust, a 19 year veteran NGO & pioneer in serving underprivileged children in Bangalore. 

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