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Dr. Paul Brown 


A consulting clinical and organisational psychologist,  executive mentor, coach and supervisor, and Chairman of ION Consulting International Pte. Ltd., Paul Brown is Professor of Organisational Neuroscience at Monarch Business School Switzerland and Visiting Professor, Henley Business School, UK. 

Nandini works with Dr Paul Brown as executive director of ION Consulting International Pte Ltd, a leadership advisory firm.

He held the first appointment as a Professor of Organisational Neuroscience in the UK.  He has in recent time co-authored 4 books and a novel and writes an occasional column called Brain Gain for the IEDP management magazine Developing Leaders. He specialises in individual and organisational development.
Living now in Laos, Dr Brown consults and teaches in S E Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America. He has been MD of a consulting firm across Europe; taught annually at the UK’s Royal College of Defence Studies for twenty-five years; sat on the private banking board of a merchant bank; has a long-standing professional advisory interest in how family businesses are handed on to the next generation; and supports, wherever he can, innovation, creativity, start-ups, and incubators. His final books will consider the nature of love and trust in organisations; propose a general theory of the individual and the organisation.

Trisha Varma

Trisha 4.jpg

Trisha Varma is the Founder and Director of UncoverY, a research and insights advisory. She is an ardent analyzer and interpreter of data, trends, and patterns, that tell the story behind the numbers, and give fundamental, accurate, and hitherto unknown understanding of consumer choice and brand growth. She also volunteers and consults in the development sector.

She lives in Singapore but her work encompasses projects globally. 

Prionka Ray

Prionka Ray Rhizome

Prionka Ray is a Psychotherapist and a Coach to teens and adults. She is also an author, consultant and the Founding Director of Sequel Counselling, Communications & Consultancy.

Prionka offers Self Development as well as counselling sessions. Her approach is collaborative and integrative and she combines concepts from Psychology, creative problem solving and communications. She also offers Crisis Consultations for issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, lack of purpose, psychological pain, problems in relationships, lack of motivation, etc. Apart from assisting adults, Prionka also assists kids and teens in periods of confusion and crisis, and works with parents to address parenting issues.


A mum to two adult daughters, Prionka is a registered Volunteer-Mentor for teens & families at the Ministry of Social & Family Development (Singapore) and volunteers at various welfare organisations.

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