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Past Programmes

Rhizomes specializes in creating bespoke workshops and learning programmes. It crafts and collaborates to create learning journeys in the areas of Self-Management, Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring. Here are some case studies to illustrate some of the work done so far. Rhizome has adapted interventions to suit today’s hybrid environment where workshops can be conducted in synchronous and asynchronous modes, over geographies.



From Me to We

A telecommunications company wanted to have a workshop for team alignment and increasing team trust. It was a group of young, ambitious managers. Rhizome crafted a Lego Serious Play workshop with appropriate facilitation to bring all the members on the same page and making them see how each one contributed

to the bigger picture.


A large consultancy wanted to do a workshop to iron out internal differences and let each member see their own potential in achieving organizational aims. The leader was keen to help her team realize how they may be operating as a group, and the impact they may be having on the larger organization. We facilitated a session where we used various tools, models and self-discovery constructs to help members realize their individual and collective strengths, as well as areas of improvement.

Reverse Engagement

A client organisation called in Rhizome to better understand their falling engagement rates and satisfaction scores. It was necessary to penetrate their deepest issues and make them feel “safe” enough to speak up. We worked with the team to get valuable feedback which then was conveyed appropriately to the management.


A creative agency leadership team was dealing with transition that would disrupt their entire business
model. How could they rediscover their team IKIGAI and in the process repurpose their own strengths in
a way that they could again feel the inspiration flow through their system ?
Rhizome created a workshop flow which forced every member to go inward and ask some tough 
questions only to  emerge  stronger and more empowered.

Brain and Behavior

The client organization wanted Rhizome to craft a workshop that help  

 the team to understand

some fundamentals from brain science in order to better appreciate what it means to cooperate. It was a talk that led to several insights for the client team and helped them to craft a better engagement plan amongst each other. On all matters of brain and   behaviour,we work incollaboration with ION International Pte Ltd.

Supporting Women Leaders

Holding up Half the Sky

A large tech company had recently decided to support their high potential women leaders in a special way. They approached Rhizome for strengthening their confidence and self-belief. Rhizome crafted a self-leadership workshop that had modules on self-awareness, collaboration, managing the inner critic, and group coaching.

Story of Me 

The Story of me is Rhizome’s flagship programme to unleash feminine potential. Crafted and curated along with Sequel Communications, Singapore, this programme is primary targeted at women in the age group 35 to 50 years. It attracts participants from all walks – homemakers, writers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, teachers, busy executives, marketing personnel and coaches. We have created this unique workshop with inputs from Positive Psychology, Narrative Therapy and Applied Neuroscience.The Story of Me has been running successfully since 2018 and has had
participants from Singapore, India, UK and Hong Kong.

Balance of Better

A women’s workshop to work through the concept of balance. Balance is a tricky notion for a lot of working women. Women with young children often carry with them a sense of immense burden. This workshop was designed to help navigate their emotions.

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