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About Nandini

Nandhini Rhizome

Nandini is the Founder & Chief Learning Activist of Rhizome Learning. She is a certified coach and facilitator, a learning consultant, researcher and content creator who works across industries and geographies. 

Executive and Life Coaching

Nandini practices emotionally empowering, strength-based, brain-based coaching that draws from the GROW model, Narrative Therapy, and Applied Neuroscience. She has been effective in helping her clients navigate change and transition in their personal and professional lives. Her clients have explored their strengths, come out of a sense of feeling “stuck”, found new direction and been able to create alternate pathways to be the best versions of themselves. She has been able to help leaders find their unique purpose and strength in their leadership journey.


Nandini is certified as a Masteries Practitioner with the International Association of Coaching (IAC). She is also an alumna of the Science of the Art of Coaching, a programme offered by 

Dr. Paul Brown, a globally acclaimed voice in Applied Neuroscience for coaches and leaders. She is one of the founding members of the ION Partnership,  a global fraternity of senior executive coaches who use applied neuroscience to help leverage human potential.

She has certifications as a facilitator from Extended DISC and Hofstede. Nandini has more than 7 years of experience as a facilitator. She is comfortable conducting sessions online and offline. 

Team Workshops & Facilitation

Nandini is an experienced facilitator who conducts bespoke training & leadership workshops for team alignment and effectiveness. She is certified in Extended DISC, Hofstede's Culture in the Workplace, and Lego Serious Play and Dynamic Facilitation. She is also the co-founder of a popular women’s self-development group coaching programme called the Story of Me. 

For this she may work alone or in collaboration with other experts.

Know more from the programmes.


With a background in marketing & consumer research, Nandini has expertise in designing and conducting research. She applies her skill to bespoke employee surveys, analysis, and facilitation. 


In the past, she has co-founded consumer insights & knowledge consultancy based out of Singapore by the name of Insights and More, consulting some of the top brands and consumer product companies. She has worn several hats in her career spanning 20 years in the industry – corporate leader, brand strategist, consumer insights professional, academic researcher, and founder. She has a passion for uncovering insights and creating positive change for her clients.


Nandini has a deep understanding of Asian values, cultural constructs, and learning practices, which help her be more effective. She brings the best of Eastern and Western thinking to help her clients navigate complex scenarios. She is a lifelong learner who is constantly exploring, upgrading, and learning to be the best resource for her clients as a coach and a facilitator. 


Nandini’s research areas of interest include brain and behavior, neurobiology and the impact of that on our unique selves, the idea that human beings are energy systems and the 21st-century organisation will have to recognise the individual's potential to unleash their amazing energy for meeting growth objectives. 


She lives in Singapore with her family.

Please feel free to email/contact her by writing to

The sessions are available online and in-person for Singapore clients. 

Credentials & Training

  • Masteries Practitioner, IAC

  • Extended DISC/ Hofstede’s Culture in the Workplace/Thinking Partnership

  • Cofounder, ION Partnership / Co-founder & Facilitator, The Story of Me Workshop

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR from UMass Memorial Health)

  • Masteries Practitioner, International Association of Coaching ( IAC ) 

  • The Science of the Art of Coaching (NBM), Applied Neuroscience for Coaches (With Dr. Paul Brown) – ICF Accredited 

  • Extended DISC, USA. 

  • Lego Serious Play, Rasmussen Consulting. 

  • ACTA (Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore

  • Hofstede’s Culture in the Work Place Questionnaire CWQIII, ODE Consulting. 

  • Reiki therapist – Level 3 & Mindfulness practitioner


About Rhizome


The Rhizome approach treats every individual like a rhizome node. A rhizome node is complete in itself and able to link with others in a massive energetic lattice. It is at its best, when it recognizes that, it is indeed complete in itself. Rhizome works with the individual or leader to awaken or align the internal sense of awareness, completion and wholeness. And simultaneously supports them in creating conditions for connection and attachment within their teams. The net outcome desired is an increased level of trust and engagement. 


When one is secure and joyful within, with the appropriate emotional and cognitive mechanisms working together, there is an urge to feel motivated and to live life to the fullest. This spills over to the domain of work and personal life. 


With appropriate boundaries in place, one finds in themselves resources to be of value to the world and connections where one desires to go. An individual’s world is constantly evolving and he or she is constantly ready to make new connections, as per their current requirements. Rhizome aims for its clients to enjoy this process of continuous growth and transformation. 


Rhizome’s tools are backed with sound constructs of brain science, psychology, coaching as well as principles of adult learning and unlearning.

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