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Work From Home Survey

Rhizome Learning delighted to present its survey report on Work From Home Survey, which has insights that might be counterintuitive to the emerging narrative. It is a collective reflection of 65 senior team leaders, mostly over 15 years in the industry. 


A couple of things stand out about this report. 


  • The top headline is that there is an overwhelming sense of helplessness in not being able to meet a larger crowd of the professional peer group -  juniors and seniors. Rhizome investigates a bit more into why this sense of longing.  

  • There is absolute distress at not being able to separate work from home chores and this is not helping anyone. Constant technology interruption is leading to immense fatigue. 

  • However, in spite of the fatigue with WFH, executives have welcomed the rest and flexibility gained in this period. It has helped them connect deeper within. 

  • From the learning stories, it is clear that team leaders have had their own journeys in creating trust and accountability in their teams. Therein lies the power of human resilience and intent, which is essential to coping with all situations. 

  • In the end, there is a bit of exploration from the Applied Neuroscience lens on how the future might look like, if this suppression of human interaction in real-time were to continue. 

We hope you will enjoy reading this report. We are grateful to our partners – ION Consulting, and Uncover-y in helping to make this deep dive happen.


Nandini has a background of over 15+ years in consulting, research, and business writing. In the past, she has been the co-founder of knowledge and research advisory by the name of Insights & More. 

As a knowledge entrepreneur & research practitioner, she was instrumental in being able to extract some path-breaking insights for the clients which led to awards and accolades for them. Her skills involve research design, in-depth interviews, moderating, qualitative analysis, synthesizing information, and report writing. 

Insights and More successfully consulted P&G, Unilever, J&J, Mondelez, Coke. INSEAD Global Business School and IHG during their tenure. As an independent she has worked on projects involving Singtel, FairPrice, POSB, and Changi airport. 

Recent Projects

In collaboration with ICF Singapore 

Nandini was the main research consultant for ICF Singapore’s first-time research on Interventions for OD in SEA & India. This research was conducted over 9 ICF Chapters in South East Asia, India & Hong Kong and 4 other professional bodies – Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI), National Human Resource Development (NHRD) Network, People Management Association of Philippines (PMAP) and the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) – worked together in reaching out to members across the region to gather data to explore trends of human process interventions for Organizational Development (OD). This collaboration covered 9 countries, over 1,300 professionals and resulted in 821 fully completed responses for the research study. Nandini played a pivotal role in designing the survey and analysing the findings. It was led by Avni Martin, Director of Research, ICF Singapore. 


Nandini is interested in being a part of groundbreaking industry research in order to gather new insights and understanding. To partner with her, please write to

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