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 Ongoing Programmes

For Individuals

Managing Change

Change is a constant while transition is what happens to us as we adjust to the change. When faced with change, we need a safe place to go to work out our transition. We may be looking for new ideas, direction or merely a sounding board. Listen to our podcast on this topic. Write to us for a chat

Story of Me

A unique public workshop, facilitated expertly, to help participants identify their authentic selves and recraft their life’s narratives. It has worked with many women in their journeys to find themselves.

Know more at Story of Me

No Words

Sometimes at work, we feel we are saying something, but no one is listening.   We may be living with this feeling for years. And we notice that we are demotivated and uninspired, we feel we need to look for another job, but it is a dead end. 

How about a chat with a coach who listens? 

For Teams



Can your team work on IKIGAI? IKIGAI is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for living”. It means every individual in the team is aligned at a personal level to the purpose of the team. A facilitated session to discover what it means for your team.


Remote working has its own challenges. People are demotivated, they crave social interaction, and they are burnt out by incessant zoom calls. We work with the leader to improve intra-team camaraderie through best practices of remote working, and this is more than quiz & drinks. Write to us to get our proprietary research on this topic.


How does one make one’s team unstoppable? By helping them unleash their inner strengths. This needs all members to be self-aware as well well contracted to cooperate in order to come out unstoppable. We work with the leader in helping her unleash her team’s superpower. 



Extended DISC is a behavior-based assessment tool that helps in one-on-one coaching, conducting 360 degrees, team alignment and leadership development within organizations. Know your people better and their strengths through this behavior-based assessment  tool.

Unlock Yourself

Know yourself better through a combination of assessments and coaching sessions. Unlocking one’s own potential is a lifelong pursuit. Unlocking oneself unlocks your potential for future growth, helps you to see how you can pivot your strengths and skills and move forward. 

She – Power

One-on-one coaching for women leaders to help them navigate a complex work life environment, to attain clarity and be the best version of themselves. Using NBM, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Narrative therapy and Self Strength Identification.



Please note that Rhizome works with leaders to create bespoke learning and team experiences. This could include diagnostics, facilitated leadership tools, coaching, self-leadership sessions, mindfulness, or all of these, based on the need of the leader. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out for a non-obligatory conversation.

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